Bakersfield Californian Urges Yes Vote on Proposition 55

SACRAMENTO – The Bakersfield Californian has endorsed Proposition 55, urging a yes vote on the proposition to stabilize the budget.

The editorial board agrees with Governor Brown’s acknowledgement that “if Prop. 55 does not pass and California’s economy slips into recession, drastic cuts will have to be made to California schools, medical care for the poor, health services and public protection.”

The editorial goes on to note that beyond funding K-12 schools and community colleges, allocate up to $2 billion per year to healthcare programs, including Medi-Cal and increase budget reserves. Additionally, it notes that Prop. 55 specifically bars the use of education revenues for administrative costs, but allows for local spending discretion and the money is subject to annual audits.

The Bakersfield Californian concludes that, “a looming recession could devastate California schools and other critical programs. Voters are urged to vote yes on Prop. 55.”

To read the full editorial, click here.

The Bakersfield Californian joins large and growing list of elected leaders, education advocates, community groups, business leaders and labor organizations in endorsing Proposition 55.

A recent Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) survey found that 64% of voters support extending the income tax rates on the wealthiest individuals and couples to spare education and other vital services from a repeat round of devastating budget cuts.