Californians Keep Education a Top Priority this Election by Overwhelmingly Supporting Proposition 55

SACRAMENTO – Today, California voters approved Proposition 55. The Yes on Proposition 55 campaign issued the following statement from Jennifer Wonnacott, Campaign Spokesperson on the results:

 “California voters have once again stood up for our children and schools in approving Proposition 55 to protect critical funding for education and keep vital services intact.

“By passing Proposition 55, with resounding support, the voters of our state have made it clear that they don’t want our public K-12 schools and community colleges to return to the days of teacher layoffs, larger classes and skyrocketing tuition, or see cuts to other vital services. Californians overwhelmingly agree that we need to continue to move forward.

“Our schools and community colleges are still recovering from the cuts made during the recession and Proposition 55 will allow us to continue the progress being made. Furthermore, Proposition 55 will allow the state to improve access to healthcare for low-income children and invest in our Rainy Day Fund. This is all great news for our children, our schools, and our state.

“The Yes on Proposition 55 coalition – teachers, school employees, college faculty, parents, doctors, healthcare workers, labor organizations, business groups, and community advocates – worked tremendously hard to make sure voters knew just how much was at stake this election and their work paid off.” 


Eric Heins, President of California Teachers Association

“California’s voters are truly committed to providing our students with a quality public education and their overwhelming support of Prop 55 shows they never want to go back to the days of devastating cuts that drastically impacted our schools and communities. On behalf of our state’s 9 million students and 325,000 CTA members we thank all Californians who voted to keep education moving in the right direction after enduring such devastating cuts during the recession. Now we must continue building on the improvement we’ve made in the past few years to provide the public education all California students deserve.”

Ben Valdepeña, lead custodian for Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District and President of the California School Employees Association (CSEA):

"We are grateful to the voters for supporting our schools and colleges. This critical funding will allow us to continue rebuilding the programs and services that were cut during the recession. It means a brighter future for our students."

Joshua Pechthalt, President of the California Federation of Teachers:

"Voters have opted to ask the richest Californians to continue to pay slightly higher taxes so that we might have more robust educational opportunities and social services.  That's the right choice. Today voters reaffirmed their decision of 2012, when we passed Prop 30, showing it was no fluke. That's because the electorate recognizes the progress we've made since then, but also recognizes that there's more work to be done."

C. Duane Dauner, President/CEO of California Hospital Association

“The passage of Proposition 55 is an important victory for all of California’s students, and especially for the nearly 7 million children who rely on Medi-Cal for their health care needs.  Children have the best chance of succeeding in school when they are healthy and ready to learn.  The funds generated by Proposition 55 will help ensure that youngsters enrolled in Medi-Cal will have access to necessary health care services whenever they need them.”

Max Arias, Executive Director of SEIU 99, which represents education workers:

"This election demonstrates a new consensus has emerged in California: every child matters and investing in their future benefits us all. The passage of Prop 55 is a green light for progress in rebuilding our schools and opening doors for California's kids."

Dustin Corcoran, CEO of the California Medical Association:

“Voters have sent a clear signal that they’re tired of California chronically underfunding health care. CMA looks forward to its continued work to ensure Prop 55 revenue reaches the patient communities most in need of access to health care and improved services.”

Ralph Gomez Porras, President of the Association of California School Administrators: 

"The passage of Prop 55 demonstrates that the public has reaffirmed their support for public education.  This is another step to ensure that public education is provided the necessary resources ensuring the students of California receive a world class education that prepares them for our global economy."