La Opinión says Yes on Prop 55

La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the country and the second most read newspaper in Los Angeles, has endorsed Prop 55, urging a yes vote to extend the temporary income tax increase on the wealthiest Californians in order to prevent cuts to schools.

The editorial describes the extension of the taxes on the highest earners under Prop 55 as warranted and reasonable writing, “we do not want to return to the layoffs of thousands of teachers and school employees and deficits in public health. Critics warn that if 55 is approved, the State will depend too much on the revenue from a small group of the population, those who earn more. However, this group has historically paid lower taxes for the last 100 years, and has benefited by the improvement in the overall economic situation. It is fair to contribute their part.” (Text translated from original editorial)

The editorial goes on to refute the arguments by critics that Prop 55 would cause business owners to flee the state and that our state budget does not need the revenues.

To read the full Spanish editorial, click here.

The newspaper joins the Sacramento Bee and Mercury News, along with a coalition of more than 300 elected leaders, education advocates, community groups, business leaders and labor organizations, in endorsing Proposition 55.