PPIC Survey Shows Strong Support for Prop 55 with Election Less than Two Weeks Away

59% of Voters Support Maintaining the Taxes on the Wealthy to Fund Education & Health Care

With the election less than two weeks away, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released a new survey finding that a strong majority of Californians support Proposition 55, which will protect education and other vital services from billions in devastating budget cuts.  

The poll found that 59% of likely voters support extending the current income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians. That is an increase of 5% from a poll asking the same question last month.

“This is good news for students and schools in our state. These numbers demonstrate the strong desire of Californians to protect critical funding for education and keep vital services intact,” said Jennifer Wonnacott, campaign spokesperson. “Californians recognize there is a lot at stake this election, and their support for Prop 55 shows that it is important to them that we protect our schools from going back to the days of cuts.”

The poll was based on a survey of 1,704 residents and was conducted from October 14-23. The support for the measure has remained consistently high in PPIC polls this year asking the same question.