Sacramento Bee and Fresno Bee Endorse Prop. 55

SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento Bee and Fresno Bee have both editorialized in favor of Proposition 55 on the November ballot, which will protect funding for public education.

The editorials ask voters to vote yes on Proposition 55 saying, “Schools are important. Children are the future. And the state can’t compete economically without an educated workforce.”

They go on to state that, “Gov. Jerry Brown, budget taskmaster that he is, has kept a lid on excessive public spending. And from the new Common Core curriculum to the legislative push to enroll more black and brown students at the University of California, this is no time to cut corners on education.”

The editorials also importantly note that, “Top incomes have soared in the past four years of the recovery, and Proposition 55 only would impact the affluent – individuals earning more than $250,000 and households earning more than $340,000. The more regressive sales tax piece of Proposition 30 would expire at the end of this year, on schedule.”

The full Sacramento Bee editorial is available here and the Fresno Bee editorial is available here.

The Sacramento Bee and Fresno Bee join more than 250 elected leaders, education advocates, community groups, business leaders and labor organizations in endorsing Proposition 55. The full endorsement list can be viewed here.