Yes on Prop. 55 Releases New TV Ad Featuring State Controller Betty Yee

Campaign Also Launches Spanish and Asian Language Radio and TV Ads

SACRAMENTO – The Yes on Proposition 55 campaign is up on television with a new ad today featuring State Controller Betty Yee in which she urges Californians to vote Yes on Prop. 55 to prevent billions in cuts to education. In the ad, Controller Yee also highlights the strict accountability requirements, including local funding control and mandatory audits, included in the initiative, which ensure education funding goes to classrooms, not bureaucracy.

In addition to the new ad with State Controller Betty Yee, the campaign has also launched television and radio ads in Spanish and Asian languages. The ads remind Californians of the devastating cuts made to education during the Great Recession and describe how Proposition 55 will keep us from going back.

The campaign also released a radio ad featuring Controller Yee. All of the television and radio ads begin airing statewide today.

“Proposition 55 is an accountable, sensible way to protect our children’s future. Californians can be absolutely confident that this critical funding is going to the classrooms to help our children thrive,” said Jennifer Wonnacott, campaign spokesperson. “We are proud to have State Controller Betty Yee adding her voice to the hundreds of teachers, parents and others supporting Prop. 55 to protect our schools and students from devastating budget cuts.”

The Betty Yee television ad can be viewed here and radio ad heard here.

The Spanish television ad can be viewed here and the radio ad can be heard here

The Asian language television ad can be viewed here and the radio ad can be heard here.

Budget forecasts show that unless we extend the taxes on the wealthiest Californians, which would continue to bring in an average of $8 billion in annual revenues, our public schools will lose nearly $4 billion and our state budget will face a deficit of close to $4 billion in the first full year alone. 

Prop. 55, the California Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016, maintains the current income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians for 12 more years – singles earning more than $250,000 and couples earning more than $500,000 a year. Prop. 55 directs funds specifically to K-12 public education and community colleges, while also allocating funds to health care for low-income children and their families. The proposition contains strict accountability requirements. 

Proposition 55 is supported by more than 250 elected leaders, education advocates, community groups, business leaders and labor organizations. The full endorsement list can be viewed here.